Denise Young releases new album PASSIONATA


Eleven original compositions tell a story through classical and modern Victorian themes and motifs. Four pieces contain beautifully layered cello orchestration, three include authentic African percussion instruments, and one is accompanied by evocative vocal melodies.

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“…In PASSIONATA, Denise’s love of classical music has never been more evident and this new release is ultimately a seamless marriage of classicism and her own contemporary style.   This is unquestionably her finest work to date." - Producer Will Ackerman, Grammy Award winner and founder of Windham Hill Records.

“Denise Young’s songs are sublimely evocative and she expresses a range of sentiment
with great romanticism, both in her playing and her composition..." - Michael Diamond, Read more at: Michael

“Passionata is a triumph for Denise Young. Her playing has elevated itself to the highest
standards and her subtlety and control of tone, mood, nuance, and tempo is something truly special.” - Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

"Many reviewers describe Denise Young’s music as a unique “crossover,” a union of classical chamber music and New Age. The difference between these styles has recently become more and more eroded, as Young’s new album “Passionata” proves. Perhaps it is the sensual but at the same time academically strict image of Denise on the cover that calls forth such thoughts. From the very first chords of this moonlit romantic music you can imagine a modest but absolutely ancient villa which has been turned into a small concert space for classical music. Here on a warm summer evening the beckoning country quiet has been broken (or rather slightly disturbed and perhaps even intrigued as if human) by the elegant beauty of these compositions...She produces such heartfelt and at times melancholy elegies, which recall the quiet whisper of a declaration of love, and rather expressive harmonies, which compel one to empathy. In addition to the arresting melodies which are permeated with a feminine energy, there undoubtedly exists a Call in this music. This Call seizes and disturbs the secret corners of your soul, raising up to the surface something priceless from the depths of your memory. It beckons you to follow, insistently demanding that you remember something, or endure, or change, or make your life better... As a whole, this is a very expressive and sensuous release which at the same time is strict chamber music and yet freely flies on the wings of imagination. This album will undoubtedly appeal to many listeners." Published in The Ascentor, Review by Sergey Oreshkin.  Read more at (Russian)

"...If you love classical piano and new age music combined, one of the best new collectives of the two genres is now hitting store shelves. In fact you will find the artistry and production of this album is top shelf. The marvelous sound you hear, which transcends narrowly defined genre categories into popular, easy listening music is appropriate for a wide variety of listeners...Beautiful by a distinct cinematic nuance, Denise Young’s Passionata is reminiscent to the style of cinematic film music producers John Williams and Michael Nyman." - John P. Olsen, Read more at: New Age Music