Denise Young


Autumn Colors

Denise Young and featuring Noah Wilding - vocals, T-Bone Wolk on bass, and Derrick Jordan on percussion


Autumn Colors was originally written prior to the studio recording as a 3-4 minute composition. While in the studio, the producer Will Ackerman, and the engineer Corin Nelson, asked me to improvise beyond the original piece and so I did for about 28 minutes. We decided on a 9 minute version for the album.  

Later, a Los Angeles film producer heard this piece on Music Choice TV and emailed me about licensing this piece for one of his films. The film, "Leave My Flowers Alone", starring John Capodice (Ace Ventura, The God Father, ..) made it to the LA Film Shorts Festival. The following year, I was asked to compose a score for  a new short film, "Moretti", starring Robert Costanzo (The Sopranos, and my more) which also made it to the LA Film Shorts festival.