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Denise's most recent album, PASSIONATA  was on the 2015 Grammy Awards Ballot and was also nominated Best Piano Album of 2014 by radio broadcasters worldwide for the Zone Music Reporter in 2015 Read More 

PASSIONATA,  a new album by Denise Young available now

Eleven original compositions tell a story through classical and modern Victorian themes and motifs. Four pieces contain beautifully layered cello orchestration, three include authentic African percussion instruments, and one is accompanied by evocative vocal melodies.

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December 2014 - Passionata charts at number 3 on the Zone Music Reporter top 100 radio airplay chart. Read More 


“Denise’s love of classical music has never been more evident and this new release is ultimately a seamless marriage of classicism and her own contemporary style. This is unquestionably her finest work to date.” - Will Ackerman, Grammy Award winner

“Passionata is a triumph for Denise Young. Her playing has elevated itself to the highest standards and her subtlety and control of tone, mood, nuance, and tempo is something truly special.”                       - Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

“Denise Young’s songs are sublimely evocative and she expresses a range of sentiment with great romanticism, both in her playing and her composition....” - Michael Diamond. Read More 

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Denise Young

Denise Young has released three albums. Denise's first album Time Alone was self-produced and composed to help wellness professionals with meditation, yoga and other relaxation techniques. A major turning point for Denise happened when Grammy Award winner Will Ackerman offered to produce her second album, the well-received (and nominated for Best Instrumental Piano Album at Zone Music Reporter) Something You Dream Of…released in 2007. In 2012, Denise returned to Vermont and, once again asking Ackerman to serve as producer, recorded Passionata released 2014, a work hailed by many as her best recording to date. Read more...